Everyone here at SimKast Radio 3.0 would like to welcome you. We are an uncensored, adult based internet radio station offering a variety of music genres. We are privately owned and operated through volunteers and donations. We are not governed by FCC Regulations, but we are responsible for our own actions. Views, opinions and debates which occur on our shows are not produced and are the sole responsibility of the DJ conducting the show. If you are offended, we are sorry. Do not send feedback in regards to on air conduct. This and our audio played during our shows is our warning of Mature Adult content.

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Check out the DJ's

In the box above, click on their DJ Name to view their Bio to see how to make a request or dedication using YIM. To view the current on air DJ's playlist click on "Playlist".

Current Months DJ Anniversaries
Von - September 7th - 7 Years
Susie - September 13th - 3 Years

Second Life Streamers

Do you play Second Life and want to know where to find SimKast Radio 3.0? Below is a list of places you may want to check out that are known to play SimKast Radio 3.0 most of the time. If you don't hear us ask and come hang out with your fellow SimKasters. If your favorite hang outs in SL don't stream SimKast Radio 3.0 please click the "FAQ" link on the top of the page to find out how to listen to us on your land in Second Life. (And ask them why not!)

Alston Fishing Camp - Home of the Original Second Life Fishing Game & Tournaments! Where it all began! Come, relax and catch over 350 different fish and prizes! Now with Version 5.0! Fish anywhere in-world anytime or at any camp during tournaments!
Bad Kitty Pier - Neo-Realms Fishing Camp. Global & Local Tournaments. Mini Games. Rods & Bait. Located on Mai Tai Cove A quiet residential community. While fishing you can enjoy our Dockside Cafe (games and terra-chute skydiving).
Be In Sync - Neo Realms Fishing!
Floridana - KittyCats! and PlantPets available for sale, as well as accessories.
Neo-Realms fishing and mini games.
Idrialis's Corner - Idrialis's getaway, Neo-Realms fishing camp.
Little River Fishing Camp - Neo Realms Fishing!
Meloborg Mini Mall and Fishing - Neo Realms Fishing, 7 Seas Fishing, Mall, and Movie Theatre!
My Playground - Neo Realms Fishing, Penguins, and Pirates!
SimKast Cove - Home of Simkast Radio - Houses and Apartments for rent! Neo-Realms Fishing! Cabana and Nightclub! Beautiful Mall!

Join the SimKast Radio 3.0 Family

Do you have skills? Do you have some kick ass tunes and a very dynamic personality? Do you want to put it to the test? If you can answered YES to all 3 questions then you might have what it takes to answer the Talent Search for the HOTTEST DJ's in net radio. You will have to fill out the DJ Application. When we have received your application, we will check it over and choose which ones qualify.

Talent Search Qualifying Checklist...

  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have broadband internet access (DSL or Cable). No dialup or satelite connections.
  • Music Library of at least 500 songs. MP3 or WMA
  • Must be active in an online game (ie: SL, WOW, etc.) or chat room.
  • Must be able to create and keep a schedule of at least two 1 hour shifts or one 2 hour shift per week.
  • Must have Yahoo Messenger and Facebook.
  • Must submit a preview playlist.
TIP!!! Meet the staff!!! We will ask staff members if they have spoken to you. The more staff members you know and perhaps can use as a recommendation, the better for you!!

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