How to Record a Dedication or Greeting

Open Sound Recorder or other sound recording program. This is usually found in the Windows Start menu under Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder Window

To begin recording, press the Record button (red circle), and when you're finished, press Stop (black square).

To listen to your recording, press Play (black triangle).

To save your dedication, go to File>Save As...

The format should read "PCM 44.100 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo. If it doesn't, click on the "change..." button.

Save As Window

A window titled "Sound Selection" will open. Please change your setting to the following:
The Format should be PCM
The Atrributes should be 44.100kHz., 16 bit, Stereo

Sound Selection

Click OK.

Now name your dedication either with your first name or your gaming nickname so we know which file came from who.
Double check the "Save as Type" reads "Sounds (*.wav)."

Email your all the details of your dedication or greeting (your name, the target's name, any songs you would like to accompany it) to the SimKast Radio 3.0 Audio Department, and attach your file. You can "zip" it if you choose. We will confirm all details of your dedication or greeting.

Thank you for supporting SimKast Radio 3.0. If you have any question regarding these instructions, please contact the SimKast Radio 3.0 Audio Department. Neo Realms Fishing