The History of SimKast Radio 3.0
How did SimKast come to be?

SimKast radio came about one night in December 2002. 2 online friends from TSO were DJs at another radio station, and due to censorship and iron-fisted management practices, they decided to quit.

This is a history lesson on SimKast and the evolution of net-radio in The Sims Online in general.

Net radio first made it's debut in The Sims Online in November 2002 when 'Jel' and 'Zak' created "Radio One" and was based out of Calvin's Creek. They grew fast ... too fast perhaps. Everyone who was someone in Calvin's Creek wanted to DJ and only a few were selected to do it. Radio One had a DJ called 'Jack D' and he had a program "Where in the Creek is Jack D". He would hide at houses and give hints during his shows as to where he can be found, and our job as listeners was to find him. When you did, you got a prize of Simoleans. This started the term "the creek" which is still used today.

Not long into the life of Radio One there was an incident where a DJ was blacklisted due to a comment her offline boyfriend made in regards to the content of another DJs show. Management at that time blacklisted the DJ who's boyfriend made the comment and had said that particular DJ wouldn't be lasting long nor will she ever move into a management position within the station. This was a huge problem for some of the DJs who were friends with the newly blacklisted DJ and in protest all quit in her support.

About 3 weeks after the protest quitting, it was quickly decided amongst the friendship circle that DJing was really fun and was greatly missed. Two friends decided to do some networking and see how a radio station can be made. They found someone to donate server space - which was the hardest part. At this time it was unknown that you could pay a server to broadcast for you and it really hard to find someone with enough bandwidth who could donate some to your cause.

On December 26, 2002 SimKast went live online with a partnership of Avery (Kandi's original TSO alias name) and Pookie at the helm with a silent partner Nicole Sedina who donated unlimited bandwidth for the stream. We were accepted into TSO with open arms and soon had a huge following of supporters and the applications were flowing like honey.

On January 3, 2003 Avery purchased the domain and paid for a years hosting services for the web site becoming the legal owner of both the SimKast domain and the web site service.

One day 'Jel' and 'Zak' just turned out the lights. Radio One was closed down and no one was notified of this decision.

One of the DJs that was on Staff at Radio One, 'Lady Mann', in conjunction with a few other DJs with the know-how, decided to pick up the station's name and reopen, billing themselves as under new management. This new station was now named "Radio One - Creek Radio". There was a falling out of management at the newly reopened, newly renamed station and 'Lady Mann' slipped off into the night. 'Jim Reznor' reappeared with his own radio station, "W.O.W." - and then there were 3. WSIM Radio made it's TSO Debut with 'Jennifer' (partner's name not remembered at this time) at the helm and there was lots of scepticism flying around, but everyone loved drama and drama made stations popular at that time.

There was a new update on Radio One - The Creek again - it's been opened back up and another new owner is at the wheel. Now the new name is "Creek Radio". All the originality has been erased. Not a shred of Radio One was still in existence, except for 1 or 2 original DJ's.

Here at SimKast we had our own ups and downs. Mostly we had some personality conflicts and some splitting of visions that SimKast should be lead towards.

SimKast created paths that stations still follow. SimKast was the first station to create a commercial for a Partner Lot and play it in a regular rotation. SimKast was the first station who did free live remote broadcasts. SimKast was the first radio station to have an organized and promoted Partner Lot system. We were free and we would stay like that! Other stations soon followed suite, but they were charging for their services.

The partner lot system wasn't easy. It had to be constantly updated and it was a large chore to maintain. There was a proposal of removing the Partner Lots entirely from the station from a DJ and given to a station Partner. When there was opposition from Avrey, it was decided that she was hindering the progress of SimKast. There was a meeting one day in April 2003 and it was asked of her if she would hand the stations name and web site over. The reasoning of this decision: Avery was stressing the other partner out by not accepting the proposal to remove the very backbone that made SimKast what it was at that time. Flourishing, progressing and a great place to work and hang out with.

That partner decided she would leave. Avrey let the events unfold without any argument, except for a strict and adament refusal to hand over the SimKast name and all the hard work she did to help build it to where it stood. She was the legal owner of the SimKast name and it's domain. She didn't give any explanations when the DJ's came to her about what to do looking for a direction. After all, she had no server and still didn't know at that time that you could purchase streaming services from a host. Nicole had partnered with Pookie and they created "SimKast Radio". They tried to use the current web site design and content of SimKast. This was brought to an end since Avrey was the creator of the web site and it's content.

A new partnership formed from the loving followers of SimKast. Avrey was contacted 1 week later to bring the station back online. It had a full staff and a full management team, no DJ's pre-walk out were kept on staff and many were denied to return when Avrey was approached. Avrey maintained ownership of it and was General Manager of the station. There was a new voting process and a new way of management life at SimKast.

"SimKast Radio" was still trying to bill themselves as the original SimKast and they had moved to the newest game to hit the avatar scene:

A legal copyright was purchased with the SimKast name and it's slogan "tune in ... get connected". Nicole Sedina being the main contributing owner given the fact that she was donating the server space was issued with a legal Cease and Desist order detailing that she was in partnership of an online entity which was now breaking legal copyright laws.

"SimKast Radio" became "Pulse Radio". Almost exactly to the 1 year anniversary week, Pulse went off air. Another DJ maintains the basic concept of the station now under a new name.

SimKast now has a new, better and stronger management team and it's maxing it's server every night. Things couldn't be better!

Some personality conflicts started to arise between some members of the management team and it was getting harder and harder to maintain calm tempers. The entire management team walked out citing hardships with one particular manager. In support of that manager Avery stood by her side. "Freak Radio" was created under the ownership/management of the team which walked out. In an attempt to hire from our roster, some DJ's left. Some were asking to return, most were denied.

Avrey decided that she didn't want to be an alias anymore. She then became officially known as she has always been known online as Kandi. Kandi made Shauna a partner in SimKast and they rebuilt the management team together.

Freak Radio's management team had the same type of personality conflicts that they had when they were here at SimKast and that created a new station under the ownership of Denisse and Blaze called "Kaotic Radio". That station has spawned many stations from it's many departing DJ's. All stations except for Freak Radio has since closed it's doors.

2003 marked a very poignant year for SimKast. We had been streaming for one year and things were going great on one aspect, but not so good on another. DJ's have come and gone. Every DJ who leaves any station goes with the feeling that they can do it better; hence lots of stations popping up in TSO, most of all have long since been closed with a life of about 3 months or less.

Partnership here at SimKast changed in late 2004 with the sole ownership now being with Kandi who still maintains that to this day. Personality conflicts again arose with the same undertones as before. It was decided with 99% of all management that the partnership should be dissolved to save the strength and integrity of the station.

SimKast is proud to celebrate all the DJ's who have come and gone. To all the fabulous friendships that has been made along it's way. We are proud of the large amount of DJ's on our staff who is celebrating 1 year or more of being on staff. Every day a DJ is with us is a blessing and we are also proud of everything they do for the station each and every day.

DJ's may leave SimKast - but almost all do with an invitation to come back when they are ready.

SimKast Milestones
Oldest originally owned station in TSO
First to bring FREE Partner Lot on-air commercials
First to bring you FREE live remotes
First to bring you FREE advertising
First station to do Simolean Sales
First station to broadcast in MSN Gaming Zone
First station to broadcast in Pogo
First station to broadcast in VU Games
First station to broadcast in Second Life
First station to broadcast in Yahoo! Games

This history is to focus mainly on SimKast. The history is a brief explanation of how radio got its start in TSO. If your station wasn't mentioned, sorry. The content on this page was created and posted from facts that are known to be true. Neo Realms Fishing