How to set up a basic playlist.

This little tutorial will help you set up a very basic playlist. You won't need any programs other then Winamp and Notepad.

To create your playlist you will have to generate the base of it in Winamp and then add it to an html page. Before you start this tutorial you should already have all of your music renamed and checked for proper spelling and information. You should also have them sorted either into genre folders or compiled into a base folder - however you would like to sort your music is fine, but it will have to be completed to proceed.

Let's open winamp first since that's what we will be using for this tutorial.

At the bottom corner of Winamp, click the "ADD" button, this will give you a menu. From that menu click on "ADD FOLDER" and it will open a new window.

Add Folder
In this window you select where your music folder is. As you can see this will go to my music hard drive where I have everything sorted in genre format.

Click on the folder to add and then click "OK".

Browse the Music Folder
Now you have your songs in your playlist. You will have to repeat these steps for every music folder you have to compile 1 complete list of all your songs. Or you do them genre by genre which will make several pages to your playlist. For this tutorial we are only making 1 page, so keep adding your music if you have to.

Your Playlist
Let's make sure your music is sorted correctly so it will make browsing your page easier. Click on the "SEL" button and you will get a menu. In that menu click on "SELECT ALL" and your entire list will be highlighted.

Select All
Now we want to do the sort. Click on the "MISC" button and you will get a menu. In that menu click on "SORT" and then "SORT LIST BY TITLE". Once it's been completed you then look through the list and make sure everything looks right. This is the final list. How you see it here is how people will see it on your playlist and how it will appear on the live "what's on now" box on the SimKast Radio 3.0 website.

Sorting Your List

NOTE: Some might have to sort by "FILENAME" to get a proper list of their music. This sort depends on how you have your music files saved on your PC and if you have edited the File Info Tags for those files. If you don't get a proper sort from "TITLE" then do a sort again and select "FILENAME".
If you do need to make changes, then "RIGHT CLICK" on the song title and "VIEW FILE INFO", which will give you a new window.

View File Info

This is where you change the info in "ID3v2 Tag" and uncheck "ID3v1 Tag" info box so it's not used. Click "UPDATE" to save the new info.

Editing File Info
Now that we have the music sorted and it's in perfect order, let's make the page. Winamp will do this for us with it's generic html generator. We make all our pages from this and then we copy the actual song list from it.

Back to the "MISC" button, this time we select "MISC" again and in there you will see the option to "GENERATE HTML PLAYLIST". Click that and a new window will open with your new playlist. That's the Winamp page, now we have to make our own page from it's code.

Generate your HTML Playlist

"RIGHT CLICK" on the page and you will get a menu. In that menu select "VIEW SOURCE" and a notepad window will open with the code for the playlist. This is the guts of the page, and where we will find the code we need.

The Final playlist
To most, this page will not make sense. It's all the code that makes up the page design. All you need to do now is save that file as a .html and then attach it to an email and send to the training department. This will then complete your application.

The Final playlist
If you have any questions or problems making the list please contact Marissa on Yahoo Messenger. Neo Realms Fishing